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What Happens in the Portal stays in the Portal

Total Solar Eclipse in the Zone

What's on the other side??

What was lost? What was gained?

Stairway to Heaven

Yes and No

Was that on Purpose??

Oh, the places you will go!!

The Writing on The Wall

Are you willing?

Happy New 365 Days

Out of Darkness

A Stubby NO.2.

It is Finished.....was it, has it?

No Mud-No Lotus

New Moon in Hasta 2/28/2019

The Winds of Change

Aim for the Root!

Life & Death

The Elixir of Immortality

The Fruit of the Tree?


The Fruit of the Tree

A date with the Divine

Its not personal, it's creation.

Are we listening now?

Written in the Stars

Physician Heal Thyself

Cosmic Dance

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

The Fruit of the Tree

Jack in the Box!!!

Turn, Turn, Turn!!!!!

Curiosity did NOT kill the Cat

12/18/2021  Full Moon in Mrigashira-Reality Check

Bon Appetit!!


Turn, Turn, Turn!!!!!!!

Are you listening?

Infinity & Beyond

The Trinity

Let it Burn!!!

Churning of the Oceans

The Path of the Sun

Crossing the Line

Churning the Oceans

The Heart of a Lion

Divine Union


Hidden in Plain Sight

Contraction & Expansion

The Sound of Silence

Hellllllooooo Summer!!!!

Alas, Victory!!!!

Divine Devotion

Down the Rabbit Hole

Which way do you go?

Wonderland of Infinite Possibilities

Back to the Drawing Table

Sacrificial Fire

The dawning of a New Day

Scales of Justice

The Sacred Life