Janell Sachi Renshaw

I'm a rare Florida native that was raised by wolves.......ok I'm kidding .....my dad and two brothers, but so close. Growing up my dad always encouraged me to find my own answers. So most of the time I was wondering the woods or had my nose exploring our set of encyclopedias. It was my dad’s authoring of astrology and horoscopes that got me into the cosmos, the beyond, and what was out THERE. 


I've always been self employed choosing occupations that left me room to explore all that life has to offer. Occupations ranging from a bartender to building custom swimming pools for the past 20 years.


In 1997 is where I would take my first steps into Who am I and who is this God that I know nothing about. Step by step I walked cultivating pillars of Faith and Gratitude. 


I'm an active leader at Christ Church Unity, as a Youth Of Unity Sponsor and Licensed Teacher. Working with teens on peace, guidance, and choices. Teaching adult classes on subjects of meditation, metaphysics and any other subject I can explore and share.


20 years later I'm still walking step by step diving deeper into who I am and who I am not. These past couple of years have seen the deepest dives of my life. Having somehow....really? .......found my way to the Amrit Yoga Institute. It is here that all my questions would be fully explored and answered. I became a certified yoga teacher level 1 & 2 and Yoga Nidra Advanced Facilitator, receiving a RYT 500. 

My journey through life and understanding of the heart of yoga and the wisdom of ancient writings allow me to teach from the integrated grace of love and wisdom.

With these teachings it is my deepest desire to connect with each person I meet. To be fully present, stepping into their world and how they organize reality. It is from this space that I can support them in achieving their deepest desires.


Today you can still find me in the woods exploring with my dog Jayden and her cat Blender or my nose in a book. Still scanning the skies and beyond and enjoy getting the best moon rise and sun rise pictures I possibly can.  



To be continued......... for as long as I can!!