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08/11/2022 Full Moon in Dhanishta/Capricorn "Watching the Wheels"

Updated: Aug 10

The Full Moon on August 11, 2022, at 9:36 pm (EST) will be in the Moon Mansion of Dhanishta, “The Star of Symphony ” and the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Ruling Energies are: Mars, Saturn, and the Ashta Vasus

Have you been feeling like a starved wild dog on a leash held back two feet away from several bowels of food? Struggling, barking, shaking your head feverishly back and forth, trying to break free to make things happen? Feeling frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed, and on the edge of insanity? If you haven't, then ignorance is bliss, and for others, you may be at the point of "what's the point." Then there are the ones that simply sit back and watch the wheels go round and round.

While speaking to a dear friend on this very subject, the song "Watching the Wheels" by John Lennon popped up in my head. John's vision behind the music was a letter to the world about how he was ok just simply existing after many years of being in the limelight. That society expects us to be a certain way, to put ourselves in tiny little boxes, conform and be dogs on a leash (ok, I added that part, but hey, it fits this piece).

Like John, some of us are tired of the wheel and have chosen to get off. It's not an easy choice or without its challenges living in today's society. It gets lonely, as there's not a mass exodus of people willing to jump off the wheel to trust living in the vibration of their soul and simply exist as the Divine sees fit.

Dhanishta is known as "The Star of Symphony." The symbol of Dhanishta is a drum. Drums are used as keepers of time and also a call to action. Also, a flute is used as a symbol. Both instruments reference the Damaru of Shiva and Krishna's Flute. The drum and flute are hollow, representing the emptying of oneself to allow the individual expression of the Divine.

The entire fabric of the Universe is composed of sound frequency. Music is this vibration and can move us in all directions. Considering that Dhanishta's ruling deity or deities are the Ashta Vasu representing the eight elemental directions, this month's Moon cycle may feel like you are being dragged in many directions without ever reaching your destination or the bowl of food. If it were not for all the tensions in the air, Dhanishta would be able to express its power of abundance and fame in whichever way that looks like to you. But at this moment, perhaps the groundwork towards your destination is the calling.

Saturn and Mars are the hosts for this month's Full Moon, and to fully understand what is happening, we have to understand the relationship between Mars and Saturn. It's maddening. Mars wants to press the gas, and Saturn wants to press the breaks. If Mars pushes too much, then Saturn, without hesitation, firmly applies the parking brake. You can only get as far as the leash holder allows, like a dog on a leash.

Be aware that your temptation to chew through the leash and force your way is due to the explosive conjunction of Mars, Rahu, and Uranus. This trio has been fiercely fueling the limits of excessive BS, war, aggression, and shit coming from nowhere. Mars is slowly moving on, but Uranus turns retrograde on August 24 and will again be fully conjunct Rahu, although without Mars it won't be as aggressive.

The Sun enters the Gandanta Zone (Karmic Knot between Cancer & Leo) from August 13 until August 20, which will further the tensions.

Does anyone else have a curious headache these days?

Our Full Moon is also conjunct Saturn, which will salivate the mind and emotions over what it cannot accomplish or how long it's taking. This doesn't mean we give up on what we can't reach or accomplish; it means we wait until the energy has shifted to the point of support for what's next. Until then, we can learn to love watching the wheels go round and round until the right wheel comes along to jump on, or not.

Key Themes of this Full Moon

  • It's ok not to get your to-do list done

  • If the leash feels too tight, step back

  • Be ok with however long it takes

  • Work on the things you can, even if it's a little here, then there, oh and now we are over here

  • Enjoy sitting just doing time

Dhanishta Energy

Favorable Activities

Religious Rituals, Ceremonies, Group Work, Music, Dance, Concerts, Pomp, Moveable and Immoveable Property, Travel, Proactive Approaches, Clothes, Money Lending, Jewelry Designing, Healing, Fame, High Tech Equipments, Traveling, Creative Activities, Financial Transactions, Meditation, Yoga, Gardening, Treating Diseases, Commencing Education Ventures

Unfavorable Activities

Marriage, Sexuality, Giving up Old Habits, Partnerships, Household Work, Restrictive Behavior, New Partnerships, Domestic Activity, Activities Requiring Tact, Ingenuity or Tenderness

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