08/27/2022 New Moon in Magha/Leo "The Power of Love"

Updated: Nov 12

The New Moon on August 27 @ 4:17 am (EST) will be in Magha Nakshatra Zodiac Sign of Leo. Ruling energies are The Sun, Lord Ganesha, Ketu, the shadowy planet of past lives, and the Pitri's, The Lineage of Ancestors.

Have you noticed the magnificent sunrises lately? The Sun in all its glory, casting sunflower yellows, blazing reds, and mexican oranges across the skies. And now his beloved, the Moon, joins him for this dark New Moon casting light grays of warmth.

For this New Moon, the Sun and Moon are seated on the royal throne of Magha," The Star of Power." That power is Love. What else would one expect from the heart of a lion?