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1/17/2022 Full Moon in Pushya "Licking your Wounds"

Updated: Jan 17

Pushya is called "The Star of Nourishment," whose main symbol is the milk-yielding udder of a cow, representing nourishment, and "The Divine Mother."

Our first New Moon of the year on January 2 began this month's moon cycle with a call to "Come to Jesus" and embrace our wounded healer. The Full Moon in Pushya offers nourishment for the healing of that wound.

An expansion and contraction is occurring during our Full Moon with the energy of this moon mansions deity Brihaspati (Jupiter) and the ruling planet of Saturn. It could feel like you're making headway one moment and then stopped dead in your tracks the next. Wisdom and discipline will be key words in working with this month's Full Moon.

During this Full Moon, ask yourself a few questions. Do I feel like I am all over the place, traveling backward? Is there a lack of concentration? Drive? Stuck between where I was and where I want to be? And many other choices, chaos, and concerns in mind. You are not alone, but the Moon is.

*Kemadruma Yoga is the position of our Full Moon. It's isolated and on its own in relevance to the other visible planets. The Moon is being bombarded from all the opposing planetary energy and trying to nourish all that is arising. Imagine every area of your life staring at you and screaming for help. The Moon is your mind, and life seems to be unstable, unprotected, and uncertain when it is alone.

Licking your wounds is the only nourishment available at this time. The idiom lick one's wounds is a metaphor for feeling wounded and needing to rest, restore and recover. Pushya energy embodies all the motherly qualities for healing your precious soul. However, Mother is worn out under the current circumstances and needs your support just as much as you. By taking the time to rest, restore, and recover, you provide your nourishment, which calms the mind and Mother Moon.

The Moon is absorbing the Sun's energy from a placement in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto thats erupting the wound from under the surface, while Mercury retrograde is placing a challenge on communication and how to articulate "how you feel" or making sense of "what is arising." Saturns influence is placing more restrictions and limitations on the space you may be in. Saturn & Mercury are both squared (tension) Uranus, leaving a feeling of I know what I need to do, but I really just want to put the bandaid back on.

The bandaid is the habit used to cover up the wound in the first place. That band-aid could be: drinking, spending, working, lying, coping, eating, etc., too much. Please don't put the band-aid back on, lick your wounds and let them heal naturally.

Jupiter, the ruler of Pushya, is still holding the reigns in the perfect tension of the Rahu (furture) & Ketu (past), which have all the other planets hemmed in *Kal Sarpa Yoga until April 13. Jupiter is in the Moon Mansion of Shatabhishak, "The Star of Hundred Healers." Be at ease knowing a realization is coming to a head that the past created the future. If you're still bleeding, this is the pressure that will stop the bleeding and allow you to eventually lick your wounds and create a better future.

Mars is adding intense pressures in the Gandanta Zone, translating into the karmic knot. This zone is always a battle between water and fire. Two elements that are not easily mixed. The recent underwater volcano in the South Pacific is a prime example of the intensity of this of energy. Be careful with yourself and others. Find ways to blow off steam without causing ripple effects.

Venus retrograde is still in play after its transformation from Evening Star to Morning Star. A journey through the underworld looking at all the ways you relate to relationships, partnerships, balance, intimacy, money, social status, appearance, and luxuries. When Venus emerges from retrograde motion on January 29, you will have a renewed sense of values and respect for yourself.

Key themes of this Full Moon:

  • Nourish your soul. Rest, Relax, Recover

  • Expansion and contraction

  • Blow off steam in healthy ways

  • Keep hold of the reigns merging past and future

  • Be ok by yourself

  • Healing is in your hands

There is a lot surfacing and swirling, and this is not the time to put the band-aid back on. It's time to lick your wounds and let them heal naturally without the bandaids and eventually heal the healer.

Love and Wisdom


Pushya Energy

General Characteristics: Knowledgeable in a variety of subjects; admired; in control of passions; wealthy and fond of performing charitable deeds.

Pushya: Wisdom, ambition, awareness, adventure, ritual, overcoming negative thoughts and behaviors are exemplified here. You are intelligent, sometimes rushed and hot-tempered but always plough forward. Your work projects can be interrupted in many ways which can lead you to investigate the unknown. You have a good strategic mind and like to understand the inner workings of machinery and can easily think of practical solution that help others in innovative ways.

Strengths: Spiritual, intuitive, intelligent, learned, passionate, creative, helpful, likeable, respected, socially adept, inclusive, selfless, philanthropic, humanitarian, independent, nurturing, counselor, financial expert, fight for public interest, and whole-heartedly defend belief system.

Weakness: Stubborn, arrogant, insecure, overly sensitive, selfish, doubtful, overly talkative, easily deceived, dogmatic, fundamentalist, lack of self-worth.

Favorable: Intelligent, spiritual, nourishes or helps others, independent and self-sufficient, interested in education and humanitarian activities, socially adept, make good counselors and public servants, make people feel wanted, want to learn all they can about life—makes them knowledgeable in many areas, earn a good living, respected, moderate in desire, passionate about what they believe in, will come strongly to the defense of something or someone they believe in.

Unfavorable: Zealot, too talkative, interested in so many things that they don't become great in any one thing, overly sensitive or emotional, their devotion can turn to submission leaving them open to being a martyr or victim; get defrauded by believing in the wrong people.

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