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10/14/2023 New Moon Solar Eclipse "Churning of the Oceans" Aries/Libra Finale Part 1

Updated: Oct 12

On October 14 @ 1:59 pm, our New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in the Moon Mansion of Chitra, "The Star of Opportunity," and the zodiac sign of Virgo. The ruling energies of this Eclipse are Mars, Mercury, and Tvashtar, "The Celestial Architect"

Our Eclipse season ushers in the final days of the Aries/Libra axis that change on October 30, 2023, @ 7:07 am. The Nodal axis of Libra/Aries began in April of 2022. It has been a time of your needs vs others and finding the right balance of the two.

Eclipses can be a very disturbing time for some and exciting and thrilling for others. This all depends on where your nodal axis falls. For those born during an eclipse or in an eclipse season, it is always a mixed bag of what may or may not happen, but something always happens. Portal life is in their blood, and when the portal opens, they know the drill: change is coming.

Eclipses that bring in new nodal axis or close to, have the potential to affect the entire human race. This is because the rules and focus change when the nodes change, and a significant event often ushers in that change. Late in 2019, a nodal change coincided with the emergence of Covid-19. And here we are just before the actual eclipse, and there was a surprise attack on Israel, upheaval within the US Senate, and concerns about the government's handling of the crises and the safety and security of our border crisis.

Per the chart calculations, these events are not really a surprise, and then you add in an eclipse; it is almost guaranteed that a major upheaval is coming. Another factor is the ancestral family to which this eclipse belongs. Eclipses are not just a one-and-done event. Each Eclipse is part of an ancestral family. The birth of our upcoming eclipse family dates back to June 22, 1248.

There are similarities from the original birth chart that are also present in this upcoming eclipse. The major aspect is Pluto squared Mars, and the squared aspect of the eclipse brings more intensity. From the preserved works of Bernadette Brady, she states this about the birth of this family of Eclipses.

"Immense power, anger, and force are channeled into this family of Eclipses. Huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear, or, on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through."

Considering that this Eclipse occurs over part of the US and we are having a Pluto return per Vedic Astrology calculations, the effects from this Eclipse will carry on the ancestral family history, and we can see how this is already affecting each of us individually and collectively.

Another factor is Pluto will be fresh out of retrograde on October 11, 2023.

The tensions that are breaking were already present but somewhat hidden or downplayed, and this powerful eclipse with the squared aspect of Pluto, the planet of destruction and the underworld, is the catalyst for breaking them apart.

Pushed by pain or pulled by vision?

Often, pain and destruction IS the only catalyst that forces change. But once that occurs, a vision must be put in place to create something tangible and useful for the future for ALL of humanity.

Considering that the deity of Chitra is the celestial architect Tvashtar, this energy gives the opportunity to help create and fashion together a higher purpose and plan moving forward.

As you can see from the chart, there's a lot of tension and one blue line, which is a trine aspect, usually a more harmonious aspect. But it is between Saturn and Mars. Saturn restricts Mars to take its time, making calculated moves to achieve a goal. But this energy works for all and could be the reason the attack was so calculated, along with the calculated retaliation from Israel and the delay in our governmental affairs.

Oppositions to the eclipse include Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. However, each of those planets are retrograde, which will cause possible internal reflections, possible delusions, or wearing rose-colored glasses, thinking, "What can I do about all this?" or "This doesn't affect me." Or you may have something you can do and think, "Yeah, but I am only one person." Whatever you can it!!! The Shakti power of Chitra is to "accumulate good karma or merit in life."

While it is crucial to reflect on recent events, it is equally important to look within yourself. Are you hiding or downplaying any tensions that need to be addressed? Are they at the breaking point? Don't let illusions or distractions overshadow the tensions; they will not survive, and explosive reactions are sure to follow. Use this opportunity to create a vision forward for the good of all.

Key points to support Eclipse Season:

  • It's okay to be uncomfortable-Stay centered, knowing that this too shall pass.

  • Observe what is happening within you-Witnessing your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

  • Listen to your body's request-Sleep cycles will be interrupted. You may need to sleep more than usual, or you won't sleep at all. Cycles of energized one moment drained the next. Be gentle with yourself.

  • Drink plenty of water-The waters of the earth are being churned, as in the epic tale of “The Churning of the Oceans," during an eclipse, and the same goes for your body. Take this time to drink plenty of water so that whatever gets churned within can be flushed out of the system.

  • Surrender-To the Divine order at play in all things.

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Chitra Energy

Strengths: Sociable; perceptive; conversant; independent; motivated; high-spirited; elegant; dignified; judicious; well-read; attractive; well-dressed; drawn to philosophy and social thought; prefers physical expression of creativity such as sculpture; printmaking; business savvy; deep spirituality.

Weakness: Arrogant; egocentric; easily bored; smug; argumentative; judgmental; spendthrift; quick to challenge another’s viewpoint; unethical; attracted to mates who are exciting; but negligent; lack of integrity.

Favorable Activities: Health care, buying new clothes, home repairs, home design, arts and crafts, mechanical activities, performances, decorating, spiritual practices, relating to the opposite sex, preparing medicines, and activities requiring charisma and eloquence.

Unfavourable Activities: Marriage, investigation, or direct confrontation

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