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10/25/2022 Solar Eclipse New Moon "Churning of the Oceans, Aries/Libra Part 2/1." Humble Re-Quest"

Updated: Apr 18

The New Moon Eclipse on October 25, 2022, at 6:48 am (EST) will be in the Moon Mansion of Swati, “The Self-Going Star ” and the zodiac sign of Libra. Ruling Energies are Venus, Rahu, and Vayu, "the God of Wind"

Our New Moon kicks off Part two of the three eclipse seasons of the Aries/Libra axis. You may wish to take a moment to revisit what was happening during our first eclipse season back in April, for our second eclipse season has more to reveal as the oceans get churned.

Those born during an eclipse season know this theme all too well. Change is the theme, and when the tides churn, they get churned. The effects of an eclipse can often be felt two weeks before and after an eclipse. Eclipses come in pairs, a solar and a lunar, and sometimes three, making eclipse season lasts up to forty-five-ish days.

Eclipses signal a time of change. That change will be based on where the eclipse falls in your chart. It can be a slight shift, like an awareness that sets in, or complete annihilation of your life (loss of job, relationship, home, a beloved pet, etc.). The most significant changes are when an eclipse hits your Sun.

So what's happening for this eclipse? As mentioned, it is a churning of the oceans, and if you are not familiar with the mythology of the epic Hindu tale "Mahabharata,", please take some time to read it.

Our Solar Eclipse for October 25, 2022, @ 6:48 am (EST), occurs in Swati, "The Self-Going Star." The Sun is debilitated in Swati, which will set the mood of the eclipse season. Swati is a movable Nakshatra ruled by Vayu, "The God of Wind," specifically, Prana, the life force of breath, that connects humans to the eternal energy of the Divine.

The Sun is considered debilitated, and at its lowest point in this placement. However, this is not to be considered a position of weakness and fragility. Swati individuals move from one place to another, experience to experience, often on a search and rescue mission for their soul. A confetti-colored whirlwind in search of balance, fairness, equality, and selflessness that shatters, softens, and opens their heart. And an open heart is the most powerful thing on earth. It's interesting that the majority of the people found at ashrams, places of worship or spiritual devotees have their Sun in Libra and possibly conjunct Ketu (south node.) Their quest for a humbled heart was carried over from a past lifetime.

If your heart has been hardened from past or present events, this solar eclipse season re-quest is to open your heart wide and claim your power. Venus, the Goddess of Love, supports the quest. Venus is Cazimi which means "sitting at the heart of the Sun." Venus is in her own house of Libra and with the added energization of the Sun, makes the Goddess of Love during this eclipse extremely potent. Venus invites you to deepen your search and ask:

  • How do I give love?

  • How do I feel loved?

  • What gives me pleasure?

  • What do I find beautiful?

Mars supports the quest in asking these questions while it is in Gemini, and you may be searching in an outside world for answers that only reside within. This turn inwards will be solidified as Mars retrogrades in the early morning of "Hallows Eve" on October 31. Mar's retrograde will pull you inward and through the veil that separates the material and spiritual world, becoming one with all of existence and the answers to your quest. Pay attention to everything that crosses your path or visits you in your dreams.

Eclipses are only made possible by the shadows of Rahu & Ketu. Rahu is the materialistic physical world, and Ketu is the spiritual world beyond this earthly domain.

Rahu represents the head consumed with the thinking mind that separates us from the spiritual world and creates illusions. Ketu is the quality of knowing without thinking. It is the spiritual connection that can give insights that lead to enlightenment.

Rahu & Ketu represents the cycles of birth and death into and out of this world, and an understanding of Rahu and Ketu can lend insight into the meaning of eclipses, which offer glimpses of what lies beyond this world. There's an opportunity to see the truth during the brief unveiling of the illusion and when the illusion is swept aside during an eclipse, these are the times that allow a vision beyond this world and a re-quest of the soul

Key points to support Eclipse Season:

  • It's okay to be uncomfortable-Know that this too shall pass.

  • Observe what is happening within you-Witnessing your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

  • Listen to your body's request-You may need to sleep more than usual. The next day you may feel energized. Be gentle with yourself.

  • Drink plenty of water-The waters of the earth are churned, as in the “churning of the oceans epic tale," during an eclipse, and the same goes for your body. Take this time to drink plenty of water so that whatever gets churned within can be flushed out of the system.

  • Surrender-To the Divine order at play, in all things.

Travel Safely

Favorable: Gentle; thinks of the needs of others; thinks before act­ing; much more intelligent than they appear; accurate; reduces things to their simplest components; uncorrupted; friendly; positive expecta­tions; seeks harmony in all things; active in spiritual organizations or humanitarian causes; likes to be around holy or well-integrated people; interested in scientific and philosophical thought; modest; business skills

Unfavorable: Not alert about their debt level; lives with too many expenses; ponderous; doesn't care that much about their family members; shy, monastic, or self-isolating; secretive; hides their passions and sexual urges; gives too much away; creative thinking becomes prepos­terous or too far ahead of their peers; people will take advantage of them.

Recommended Activities: This is considered one of the better Nakshatras. Generally, a good time to "cut loose" and do anything of a progressive nature. Things started during this time generally are suc­cessful, except perhaps for traveling. Sow new seeds—physically and metaphorically; help in the building of a spiritual center; get new tools and security devices—even weapons if that is part of what you need to do. If you need to be aggressive, then this is the time to go to "war."

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