11/23/2022 New Moon in Anuradha "River of Grace"

Our New Moon on November 23, 2022, @ 5:57 pm (EST), will be in the Moon Mansion of Anurhada and the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Ruling energies are Mars, Pluto ( modern ruler), Ketu, Saturn, and Mitra, “The God of Daylight”

When I started down the spiritual path many years ago, I attended a swap meet at my church. Each person was to bring an item from home to trade for another item to place on the altar.

One by one, in a sacred ritual, each person would walk up, put their item on the altar, and then choose another.

When it was my turn, I slowly proceeded to the altar, placed my item, stood back for a moment, and gleaned over all the items. I became fixated upon a small white ivory figure in the back. I had yet to learn who it was, its history, or why I would choose a figurine that would inevitably have to be dusted frequently. But I choose it anyway. The pers