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11/8/2022 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse "Churning of the Oceans, Aries/Libra Part 2/2.

Updated: Apr 18

On November 8, 2022, @ 6:02 am, our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in the Moon Mansion of Bharani, "The Star of Restraint," and the zodiac sign of Aries. The ruling energies of this Lunar Eclipse are Venus, Mars, and Yama, "The God of Death.”

Our Eclipse season continues with part 2/2 with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the Nakshatra of Bharani, "The Star of Restraint." If you have yet to read part 2/1, you can find it here

The sacred yoni symbolizes Bharani.' Yoni is a word with many meanings. It does not just mean the uterus and the female reproductive organs.' Yoni means the origin, how things have evolved, and the gradual lowering of energy from the highest source. Yoni means, more correctly, the power of creation and the act of creation, and more specifically, Shakti, the primordial cosmic energy. Everything in creation is animated by a form of Shakti. Even at birth, the cosmos imprinted on your essence a combination of many forms of Shakti.

For our Lunar Eclipse, Bharani has the Shakti power to take things away and move on or the power to cleanse and remove impurities. Using this energy properly results in moving on to the next world or the next thing your life is calling.

Considering that Bharani is all about the death of what is no longer useful, It may seem confusing that it gives life in the same breath (Vayu). But this is how life works; nothing new comes unless something is removed or dies. Depending on your natal chart and your combination of Shakti, you may resist a much-needed change. Resistance may turn into an outside force taking control, and from my personal experience, Eclipses are a potent outside force.

There's a lot in motion during this Eclipse Season. The primary influence is on the nodal axis of self and others in the signs of Libra/Aries. Bharani's ruler, Venus, is the most influential planet of the chart. She rules one side of the Nodal axis of Rahu and Ketu that cause Eclipses. Venus is strong in her sign of Libra and is in transformation mode from Morning Star to Evening Star. This makes Venus strong and determined and will not be underpinned by masculine forces.

Mars is the ruler for the other side of the nodal axis and is currently in retrograde motion causing inner conflict and resistance to what needs to happen or is slowing you down so that you can re-search your heart. Remember your humble re-quest?

Saturn, the planet of karmic distribution and delays, has the reigns of the nodal axis in a squared (extreme tension) tight rope hold. On one reign is the Moon, Uranus, and Rahu; on the other reign is the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu. Your mind could be anxiously waiting for a breakthrough, and it could very well happen unexpectedly because of Saturn's tension on what was and what needs to be. But be mindful that transformation is rarely easy or comfortable, and your soul's desires need to be heard and voiced in relationship to yourself and others.

As you travel the Eclipse, use Bharanis Shakti power for the removal of what is no longer useful and prepare yourself for rise and rebirth.

Key points to support Eclipse Season:

  • It's okay to be uncomfortable-Know that this too shall pass.

  • Observe what is happening within you-Witnessing your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

  • Listen to your body's request-You may need to sleep more than usual. The next day you may feel energized. Be gentle with yourself.

  • Drink plenty of water-The waters of the earth are churned, as in the “churning of the oceans epic tale," during an eclipse, and the same goes for your body. Take this time to drink plenty of water so that whatever gets churned within can be flushed out of the system.

  • Surrender-To the Divine order at play, in all things.


Bharani Energy

Favorable: Quick-minded; desires new experiences (especially with love affairs); prefer spontaneous behavior; gets things done quickly; dutiful; sticks by their family and friends; courageous attitude; good longevity

Unfavorable: Feels burdened; too much activity; fickle, amoral, too clever or calculating; doesn't pace themselves; resists control; unman­ageable, stubborn, childlike, vulnerable; their vigor often bothers more conservative people. Restless, irritable, and impatient. Pride, arrogance, and resentment. Sexual over-indulgence, vanity, and narcissism. Avaricious. Can be associated with venereal disease.

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