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12/18/2021 Stories & Stars/Full Moon in Mrigashira "Reality Check"

Updated: Jul 27

The Full Moon @ 11:35 pm occurs in the Moon Mansion of Mrigashira, "The Searching Star" and the zodiac sign of Gemini. Ruling energies are Mercury, Mars, and Soma, The Moon God"

*All Calculations use the Vedic Sidereal /Lahiri ayanamsha. Timings based on Eastern Standard Time

Our Full Moon in Mrigahshira is known as "The Searching Star" and symbolized by a deer, and more specifically, a deer's head, representing the "MInd." The ruling lord of Mrigashira is Soma. Chandra (Moon) is another name, who is believed to be the Moon-God. Soma drinks an intoxicating liquid known as "Soma Rasa," which is not an actual drink but a spiritual practice of surrendering the mind and ego to the divine self, conquering the lower nature, and conserving energy in search of the divine nature of being. Lord Shiva is known as Somnath, Lord of the Moon. His ability to control his mind earned him the right to adorn a crescent Moon and be in a constant state of the true bliss of Soma, "The Elixir of Immortality." As if the holidays don't add stress, our mind will constantly fluctuate during this energy due to its ruler Mars. Mars is about action, and a "Mind" without clear direction becomes restless, nervous, flighty, inconsistent, superficial, insensitive, and unchanneled, searching, searching, searching. With clear direction, this energy has the ability to become a master of mental and emotional reactions. Allowing the "Mind" to search in all its fields for wisdom, knowledge, truth, purpose, and taming the ever-fluctuating mind to "peace of mind," the true "Elixir of Immortality." Achieving peace of mind during this transit will require awareness. There is an extreme amount of intense energy coming from what seems like all sides trying to funnel through a pint-sized pinhole. A backlog is sure to occur, resulting in stress, and fight or flight reactions are highly possible. Leading up to our Full Moon, peace was not easy to maintain:

  • The Sun traveled through the Gandanta Zone (karmic knot representing emotional past and future)to land in Mula, the root of your existence. Water integrating with fire required introspective awareness.

  • The Moon joined with Rahu (overwhelm between brilliance and insanity),

  • Mars conjoined with Ketu in Scorpio (murky, deep intense firey emotional past)

  • Mars transited over Ketu and formed of Kalaarpa Yoga (see below)

  • Venus conjoined with Pluto (desires of an unorthodox nature, which include living on the wild side, sex, overspending, living to extremes, bad habits, etc)

All of this energy had to be channeled to bring us to the Full Moon. Now the search for answers can be revealed, and asking what brings me peace of "Mind?" The conjunction of Venus and Pluto provided an outlet to your wild side. Now, Venus goes retrograde and will conjunct with Pluto two more times from December 19, 2021, until January 29. This will give you another go around, from a different perspective or just to do it all over again from a healthier and informed "Mind." What do I really desire? What boundaries do I need to honor? What have I buried? What should I bury? What and who do I love, and why? Is this relationship the right relationship? Venus retrograde is completing an eight-year cycle during this retrograde. When she emerges in 40 days and 40 nights from now, her desires will be well informed to begin her new eight-year cycle on January 29th. Venus retrograde occurs just before the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2021. Winter solstice is the midpoint of light and darkness and is the perfect time to turn inwards, ask those all-important questions. During the Winter, Solstice honor the Sun for its life-giving energy and the light within. As we move ahead into the New Year, there will be an undeniable tension between the past and the future. Kalasarpa yoga (serpent of time) was formed on December 16, 2021, and will continue until April 22, 2022. Kalasarpa yoga is formed when all the major planets are hemmed between Ketu (the past) and Rahu (the future). The best way to describe this formation and its effects is all right-brain or left-brain thinking. There is no integration of the two. The Moon will break the yoga for portions of each month, but the effects may be hard to decipher because when she does break the yoga, she is traveling all alone and unsupported by any other planets. Key Themes for this Full Moon:

  • Search your heart for 40 days and 40 nights

  • Be aware of fight or flight reactions; is it worth your peace of "Mind?"

  • Integrating light/darkness, left-brain/right-brain

  • Go within the womb of Winter. Honor your inner light.

  • Reality check yourself often

Travel Safely & Happy Holidays Love & Wisdom Sachi

Believe nothing you read, see or hear unless it feels right and rings true within your soul."

Mrigashira Full Moon Energy

Strengths: Strong sense of individuality; sharp intellect; ability to learn quickly; natural leader; hard worker; action-oriented; witty; clever; hopeful; curious; inquisitive; eager to acquire more knowledge; perceptive; sensitive; amicable; peaceful; enthusiastic; gains pleasures in life; enjoys singing, writing, speaking; articulate; enjoys debates and arguments; has many friends and romantic interests; sensual; affluent; enjoys fine clothing and accessories. Weaknesses: Impulsive; fickle; helpless; scattered; suspicious; unbalanced; seeks constant attention; lacks commitment; critical of others, yet sensitive to criticism; easily offended; exhausted from too much excitement; flirtatious; craves sensual pleasures and has multiple partnerships. Favorable Activities: Art and creative pursuits; socializing and making new friends; sex; travel; exploration; pursuing education; moving to a new location; health and revitalization; gardening; advertising; spiritual initiations. Unfavorable Activities: Harsh or aggressive action such as confrontation or combat; weddings, ceremonies; long-term decisions.

Beej Mantra-“Om Em” 108 times Mantra-oṁ eṁ mārgaśīra nakṣatrayai namaḥa

Venus eight year cycle

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