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2/16/2022 “Thinking inside the Box”

Updated: May 16

On February 16, 2022, @ 11:56 am (EST)The Full moon will be in Magha Nakshatra and the Zodiac Sign of Leo. Ruling energies are The Sun, Lord Ganesha, Ketu, the shadowy planet of past lives, and the Pitri's, The Lineage of Ancestors.

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*All Calculations use the Vedic Sidereal /Lahiri ayanamsha. Timings based on Eastern Standard Time

This Full Moon is in Magha, "The Star of Power," and the Heart of the Lion. Moon in Magha nakshatra asks you to remember and honor your ancestors and ask for their divine guidance for invincible victory. Our Full Moon continues its Journey from the New Moon in Shravana. The New Moon was about listening to your inner voice, listening to the unspoken words, observing, and being aware. How are you handling the Truth? The Full Moon integrates those listening skills to "Thinking inside the Box." The walls may feel as though they are collapsing from tension from all sides, and as I mentioned from the New Moon, fate is forcing its hand, or in other words, spring is just around the corner, and there is no stopping growth. The Truth, now known, requires discernment to decide on the right course of action.

The Pitri's (lineage of ancestors) and Lord Ganesha rule this Moon Mansion, so there will be plenty of support in the form of wisdom, past mistakes and successes, and removal of obstacles. So you may ask, precisely what is this box? Or I hear all the time to think outside of the box!!! Not this time, and actually in this context, not anytime. This Full Moon alignment is creating that box. In astrology, it is referred to as a Grand Square aspect – the most intense quadrangular configuration. It encloses a person or situation in a framework of severe constraints. The Sun (the soul), Moon (the mind), Rahu (the future), and Ketu (the past) make up the points of this particular box. More specifically are the exact energetic locations of these points, which are all ruled by the element of Fire. As the walls of the box begin to disintegrate from the flames of fire, the outside influence makes its way in. Venus and Mars, transiting in Sagittarius (also a fire sign), are adding to those flames having entered into planetary war on February 9th. They will continue their dance between exact conjunctions and planetary war until March 15th. Mars wins/Venus wins/Mars wins/ and in the end, Venus always wins. This energy may show up as taking decisive actions towards what you desire, whether a person or situation. Sexual tension will also be heightened and or integrative unions or sex, and the possibility of integrating your own masculine and feminine aspects. As the dance continues, there may be a catalyst that disrupts and transforms your sense of self or some aspect of your life or our way of life when Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto on March 3rd. Jupiters aspect to Uranus will ensure a positive transformation regardless of how it feels or looks in the moment. Key Themes for this Full Moon:

  • You may feel boxed in

  • FIRE FIRE FIRE…drink lots of water, take cold showers (lol)

  • Thinking inside the box

  • Listen to the wisdom of your Ancestors

  • Integrative Unions in relationships or self

  • Use discernment towards what you desire and what you are willing to take action for

Remember, to get out of the box, one must start with what's available inside the box. It always will start with you, what you have learned, and healed from past lifetimes, this lifetime, and right now, is always available through the power within your heart. When you are able to integrate … as within, so as above, the walls of the box disintegrate, leaving no box at all and a Heart of a Lion. Love and Wisdom Sachi

Strengths: Respectful of traditions, enjoys ceremony, follows the chain of command, intelligent, optimistic, reliable, respectful, kind, well-balanced, compassionate, craves attention and likes being served, admired by many, performs well with praise and honor, enjoys full-scale parties and passionate love life.

Weakness: Arrogant, short-tempered, egotistical, jealous, bitter, disdainful, unreachable standards, susceptible to flattery, resentful, attached to material prosperity and social status, unkind to those who do not show respect, racial superiority.

Favorable Activities

Ceremonies requiring Pompousness and Grandness, Public Performances, Coronations, Parades, Award Functions, Researching Lineage, Career Strategies, Past Practices, Upgrading to Higher Status and Possessions, Religious Activities, Settling Disputes, Seeking Favours from People in Authority, Researching Genealogy, and Exploring Ancient Knowledge, Historical Studies and Research, Upgrading Equipment, Promotions, Donating Gifts, Ancestor Worship, Settling Arguments

Unfavorable Activities

Lending, Servile Activities, Planning for the Future, Technological Processes and Activities involving Innovative Technology

Beej Mantra-Om Gam

Mantra-oṁ ghaṁ ṇaṁ māgha nakṣatrayai namaḥa

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