• Janell Sachi Renshaw

4/1/2022 "Living in the Dream"

The New Moon on April 1 @ 2:24 am (EST) will be in Revati Nakshatra and the Zodiac Sign of Pisces. Ruling energies are Mercury, and Pushan, the Divine Shepherd

Our New Moon occurs in Revati, "The Wealthy Star," and is the last Nakshatra of the 27 Moon Mansions. An ending prior to a beginning, or is the actual act of beginning something the cause for something to end? It's hard to tell as the line between one and the other usually becomes blurred.

This Moon Mansion is placed entirely in Pisces, a symbol of fishes that swim in opposite directions yet are bound by a single cord. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac wheel, is where all the toxins of life reside and an opportunity. Here, you take the risk of jumping back into the toxic waters of material life, or you swim in the other direction towards spiritual liberation. Since a single cord binds the two fishes, they must learn to coexist with one another if they are to survive the dream.

The New Moon energy has a dreamy, illusionary, empathic quality that may make you feel like wanting to get lost in a dream, drifting off into other realms. Yet, the other quality is focused, disciplined, and doing with no task left undone.

The entire chart for this New Moon is full of these opposing qualities that reinforce Pisces energy's push/pull effect. And, with Mercury in conjunction with the Sun and Moon, you may find yourself overwhelmed, bewildered, and going mad-hatter, asking the question, "How can I possibly live in two separate worlds inside the dream, peacefully?"

Solidifying this push/pull effect are two separate conjunctions:

1) Saturn, Mars, and Venus.

2) Jupiter and Neptune.

Spring has sprung, and you're following your dreams. The conjunction of Saturn, Mars, and Venus energy will enforce that it's going to take some time, creativity, discipline, and focus. Mars energy cannot stand to take its time with anything, and Venus gets lost in her creation. However, with Saturn's discipline, if heeded, will get all things done right and at the right time.

The Jupiter and Neptune conjunction will be pulling at your heartstrings, dreaming of the nostalgic good old days. But were they? Careful of the illusions that may present themselves, as everything was not as it seemed. The higher side of this energy can expand your spiritual pursuits and dreams.

Key Themes of this New Moon:

  • Dream a little Dream

  • Find a balance between your dreams and reality

  • Take your time with everything

  • Take the rose-colored glasses off and see things as they are

  • Begin something to end something

Love and Wisdom


Strength: Creative thinker; independent; lucky; liked by all; gives and receives support; gifted at arts; nurturer; promoted quickly; brave; skilled in pleasing; sociable; good counselor; proud; stately presence; sparkling personality; loves and protects animals and pets; longevity; well-groomed; good hygiene; might be born into a wealthy family; interested in ancient cultures; selflessness; compassionate; caring.

Weakness: Takes on other people's problems; overindulgent; poor health; amoral attitudes; doubt-ridden; low fertility; spiteful when hurt or jealous; resentful; feels inadequate; low self-esteem; overly sensitive; stubborn; volatile; co-dependent; easily disillusioned; victimized; feels unloved or insecure.

Favorable Activities: Business or financial matters, exchanging goods, music, drama, and creative activities, charity; studying spiritual or occult teachings, healing and treating ailments, activities for leisure and relaxation, ending or completing the activity.

Unfavorable Activities: Activities requiring severe tactics or bold action, overcoming obstacles, enmity, calamities, sharp actions, surgery, physically strenuous activities, the last two Padas of Revati are not supportive for beginning a new activity.

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