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4/30/22 Solar Eclipse New Moon "Churning of the Oceans, Aries/Libra Part 1"

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The New Moon on April 30, 2022 @ 4:28 pm (EST) will be in the Moon Mansion of Bharani and the zodiac sign of Aries. The ruling energies are Venus, Mars, and Yama, "The God of Death."

Our New Moon kicks off eclipse season with the effects often felt two weeks before and after an eclipse. Eclipses come in pairs and sometimes three, making eclipse season up to forty-five'ish days long. This eclipse season is the first since the Lunar nodes changed signs in April, making this season particularly earth-shattering. Whatever happens during this eclipse will lay a new foundation and/or alter your course over the next eighteen months. This is especially true for those that were born during an eclipse season. Change is their theme, and when the tides churn, they get churned.

It may not seem comforting knowing that Yama, "The God of Death," is the presiding deity governing the beginning of the eclipse season. Still, being ruled by Venus, Bharani is the foundation of Venusian energy giving it tremendous knowledge and wisdom from beyond the ordinary. This star's main symbol is the yoni or female sexual organs, which signify creativity, sexuality, and the complete cycle of birth and death. So knowing whatever dies or transitions is already in a state of birth simultaneously, can be comforting.

“Yama” is translated as 'restraint,' 'moral discipline,' or 'moral vow.' The Yama's are the first of the eight limbs of yoga, and a moral code that is the goal of all souls, but many fall short only to repeat the cycle of birth and death.

  • Ahimsa (non-harming or non-violence in thought, word, and deed)

  • Satya (truthfulness)

  • Asteya (non-stealing)

  • Brahmacharya (celibacy or' right use of energy)

  • Aparigraha (non-greed or non-hoarding)

Eclipse seasons shake the foundations that we live on in hopes that we stay aligned with the plan of the Divine. "Yama, The God of Death," is not to be feared, for if you have truly loved, you have truly lived, and if you have lived from love, moral vows, and ethics, it's not hard to surrender to the will of the Divine.

Other happenings during our first eclipse are Mercury, the planet of communication, breaking the dreaded Kalsarpa yoga on April 22, 2022. This ends four and half months of planetary tensions and, depending on how it showed up in your chart, the end of too much right or left brain operating, to a wee bit more stable.

Venus entered into exaltation when she entered Pisces on April 27. What you loved or desired may have turned away from material, tangible pursuits towards more spiritual and enlightened pursuits. Since Pisces is the original 12th house, bed pleasures, dreams, and escapism could be the theme. Venus's conjunction with Neptune may have enhanced the above scenarios exponentially to the point of a dopamine overdose, leaving you hungover and or delusional. Jupiter and Venus are in exact conjunction and considered to be in planetary war for this eclipse. Both Venus and Jupiter are Gurus in the eyes of astrology. In my opinion, with Venus exalted and Jupiter owning the house, this creates a powerful yoga (blended energy of the two) instead of a planetary war. This is the cure your hangover needs—wisdom in what you desire. Also, dreams and intuition will be expansive and clear.

Saturn has a stronghold on the past and future, squaring the Lunar nodes for this eclipse. Saturn is slightly weaker since changing from its high degree status in Capricorn to lower degrees of Aquarius, but still powerful since it rules Aquarius. The methods used to create tensions for later movements may be traumatic and unorthodox. Be on the lookout for more political bullshit and power plays from those in authority. Fl Gov Rick Desantis is a prime example. Also, this is a good time to reconcile the past to move into the future.

Key points for this New Moon Eclipse:

  • Death with unrealized simultaneous birth

  • Operating from a more stabilized state of mind

  • Living with a moral code and ethics

  • Reconcile the past for your future

  • Unexpected events

  • Align with the Divine

  • Expansive dreams and intuition

Key points to support Eclipse Season:

  • Its ok to be uncomfortable-Know that this too shall pass.

  • Observe what is happening within you-Witnessing your thoughts and feelings without judgement.

  • Listen to your body request-You may need to sleep more than usual. The next day you may fell energized. Be gentle with yourself.

  • Drink plenty of water-The waters of the earth are churned, as in the “churning of the oceans epic tale," during an eclipse, and the same goes for your body. Take this time to drink plenty of water so that whatever gets churned within can be flushed out of the system.

  • Surrender-To the Divine order at play, in all things.

Travel safely


Bharani Energy

Stenghts: Clever; creative, artistic, materialistic, able to perform tasks quickly; delights in new experiences; dutiful; loyal to family and friends; courageous approach; spontaneous; good health and longevity; talented in profession; leadership – successful in public life; satisfied.

Weakness: Overburdened; restless; amoral; fickle; too clever; resists control and restraint; stubborn; childlike; vulnerable; vigor troubles others; needs discipline; irritable; impatient; potential to burnout; has too much to do; unable to pace themselves; sexually indulgent; vane; moralist.

Favourable Activities: Creative and spontaneous activities, austerities, spiritual practices, filing a lawsuit/divorce, activities requiring severe action, fertility studies, activities requiring fire, competition, campaigning.

Unfavourable Activities: Business transactions, signing contracts, negotiations, doctor appointments, beauty treatments, shopping, travel, gentle activities.

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