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5/30/2022 "What & Why" New Moon in Rohini/Taurus

On May 30th, 2022, the New Moon will be at 7:30 am (EST) in the Nakshatra of Rohini, "The Star of Ascent," and the zodiac sign of Taurus. Ruling Energies for this Full Moon: Venus, Moon, and Brahma, "The Creator of the Universe."


Eclipse season parts 1 & 2 of 6 in the Libra/Aries axis ends with our New Moon in Rohini. Whatever arose during the eclipse season will be your dharma (duty) for the next 16-17 months until the Lunar Nodes shifts signs.

Rohini is characterized as "The Star of Ascent." Ascent as in "not there yet, but on the way." During the ascent, climbing step by step, staying focused, and allowing thoughts to rise from the pure realm of consciousness are at play. Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Universe, rules this Moon Mansion hence the reason that this New Moon is all about the process of creating itself.

What does that look like for you when you think of an "ascent"?

  • Struggle

  • Excitement

  • Fear/Anxiety

  • Anticipation

  • All of the above

Perhaps the more significant question is, what's at the top? And why? The what & the why are the foundations to begin the ascent in the first place.

Lord Brahma did not haphazardly create the Universe. We can see and feel the love of the Divine order at play in every minute detail. The Universe is perfectly designed except for one flaw. I am completely baffled about what the Gods were thinking when they created humans. Was it for entertainment or sport? We are a genuinely flawed species regarding the "what and why" when we create.

Our New Moon is exalted in Rohini. This may or may not be a good thing as it is opposite to its exact debilitation degrees in Scorpio. The Moon ever fluctuates with the tides that are our minds and emotions. An exalted Moon will enhance what is already present. To harness the good effects of an exalted Moon, one must focus on pure thoughts (what) and good intentions (why). Like the domino effect, one thought leads to another, which makes the state of mind from the start, crucial. But keep in mind that this is an ascent, and you and only you can determine what is at the top of the climb. Lord Krishna had his Ascendant and Moon in Rohini and is a prime example of an unflawed human focusing on pure thoughts and good intentions to serve the Divine.

With every climb, there will always be challenges. Saturn moved into its shadow phase on February 26th, preparing for retrogression from June 4th to October 22nd. This shadowy period has been saturated with stalemates between authority figures, stubbornness, food shortages, agriculture, and gas prices, all of which fall under Saturn's domain. Since March, Saturn has also had a tight squared grip on the Lunar Nodes of the past and future. Saturn's retrogression will again go back over those details for fine-tuning. With this in mind, you may want to lighten the load you have been carrying. This will increase your capacity to move freely and be more creative and flexible with the times ahead.

Rohini lands in Taurus, which Venus rules. The lady of love, desires, and creativity enhances this New Moon. Currently, Venus is stationed in Aries, ruled by Mars, combining drive with passion and desires for your ascent. The lower (egotistic) side of this potent energy may drive you beyond your capacity and leave you in a state of regret. The higher (spiritual) side would be a slow and steady pace, enjoying every step of the way. Mercury will turn direct on June 3rd to enhance your intuition and intellect if you find yourself having to make different choices. The shift to direct motion could also reveal a hidden announcement on a global scale.

Key points for this New Moon:

  • The Creation Process

  • Focus on your "what & why"

  • Solid, steady, and dependability

  • Be mindful of stubbornness

  • Check your desires

Sun and Moon together in Rohini/Taurus present a model of solid steadfast, abundant, and creative energy. Use this energy to create or enhance the path you are on. Keep focused on your what & why and enjoy the ascent.

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Rohini Energy

Strengths: Lovely appearance; attractive; charming; responsible; helpful; friendly; truthful; healthy; socialite; gentle; comforting; soothing voice; morally oriented; good communicator and listener; inner strength; affects others; balanced mind; fixed in purpose; well-educated; financially strong; dutiful to the family; gifted at arts.

Weakness: Materialistic; manipulative; pampered; deceptive; takes advantage of others; sexually or sensually indulgent; critical of others; possessive; jealous; overly sensitive; variable in nature; addictive; indecisive.

Favorable Activities: Initiating or beginning anything, healing, self-reflection and improvement, gardening, farming, spending time in nature, travel, marriage, romance and sexual activity, creating structure for material world, buying clothes, jewels, vehicles, financial matters and trading.

Unfavorable Activities: Favourable for most activities with the exception of death and destruction.

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