6/28/2022 New Moon in Ardra/Gemini "Tears from Heaven"

Updated: Nov 12

Our New Moon on June 28th, @ 10:52 pm (EST), will be in the Nakshatra Ardra, and in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Ruling energies are Rahu, Mercury, and Rudra, a fierce form of Shiva

Our New Moon lands in the Moon Mansion of Ardra, "The Star of Sorrow," and the zodiac sign of Gemini. The presiding Deity of Ardra is Rudra, a fierce form of Shiva and symbolized by a "teardrop," rooted in both sorrow and renewal.

With the Sun and Moon in Ardra, life may seem unsettled and falling apart at the seams. The mind and emotions will struggle with the enormity of what it faces and fight to keep it all together. Ardra is destructive energy against anything that does not belong or has reached its point of usefulness. The best use of your energy is to not go against what is happening or hold up the process of what needs to happen.

Humanity can often be blind to the idea that tears shed over a loss, are actually tears from heaven, cleansing the soul and falling upon seeds that sequentially sprout new growth.