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7/28/2022 New Moon in Pushya/Cancer "Word to the Wise"

Updated: Jul 27

The New Moon on July 28, 2022, at 1:55 pm (EST) will be in the Moon Mansion of Pushya, “The Star of Nourishment ” and the zodiac sign of Cancer. Ruling Energies are: The Moon, Saturn, and Briahspati (Jupiter.)

Feel like telling someone off? Be aware that you are not the only one, which could promote an all-out war of words or more.

Our New Moon lands in the Moon Mansion of Pushya. Pushya is characterized as the "Star of Nourishment." It's motherly love, but this month it may not be the cuddles and comforting words and kissing your boo-boo making all things better kind of maternal love. This month, the shoe-throwing momma will boomerang a shoe with laser-pointed focus from across the room so fast you won't know what hit you. So be advised that the energy of this New Moon is filled with tensions at their breaking point.

Pushya is ruled by Saturn, who is all about discipline, structure, commitment, limitations, and the law. Saturn turned retrograde on June 4th moving back into a squared position with a stronghold on the reigns of the lunar nodes of the past and future. This shift backward will bring these themes inward for review.

A primary focus of this month's New Moon will be in the area of communication. Mercury, the planet of communication, is opposite Saturn feeling the reigns pressures, and squared (tensions) to Uranus, Mars, and Rahu (North Node)

Like the shoe-throwing momma, Saturn will want you to be integrious with your words. However, this will not be an easy task with the Conjunction of Uranus and Mars. Uranus themes include sudden unexpected change or outbursts, individuality, and rebellion, while Mars themes include courage, aggression, action, passion, and competition, which could escalate communication into confrontations. Rahu is typically all gun-hoe wherever he is, but at the moment, and thankfully, Saturn has a reign on his otherwise impetuous behavior.

The planets' Nakshatra (Moon Mansion) placements are also prime for unexpected aggressiveness in communications. Mercury is in Ashlesha, which is known to have no issue with ripping someone to shreds, yet in such a covert way that it's like telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they actually enjoy the trip. If misused, Uranus and Mars conjunct in Bharani can be a fierce and cruel warrior. Bharani's also operate from two poles, so the energy could flip to being a very sensual and sexual Nakshatra. You could use this energy to initiate a conversation for an unexpected sexual encounter. However, be warned that Bharani is ruled by Venus, stationed in Ardra, 'The Star of Sorrow." Your unexpected outbursts or sexual encounters could result in tears or a shoe to the head from the Cosmic Mother.

Jupiter joins Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune on the same day as the New Moon in retrograde motion. Retrograde planets always bring the energy inward for review. It's an opportunity to examine past choices and make corrections where needed. For instance, are you keeping your word to a commitment you made? If not, the guilt will be felt internally. In the case of Jupiter retrograde, did you use wisdom when you made that commitment? If not, you now have the opportunity to make corrections.

Pluto has been opposite the Sun for a few weeks, shaking the foundations and causing outbursts the past few weeks. With the Moon now joining the opposition, there could be a tidal wave of emotions that could be the catalyst that unearths the hidden tension from within. Nurture your inner child with the tender love of the Cosmic Mother.

"The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing" (Proverbs 12:18).

If words are going to be spoken, choose them wisely. Some things to consider are your choice of words and how they are delivered. Also, "don't throw your pearls before swine," meaning don't waste your energy or give up your peace on someone or something that is not receptive enough to go to your depths. Consider that it may be best to be a silent warrior and allow the shoe-throwing Cosmic Mother to deal with her children.

Key Themes of this New Moon

  • Be on the defense, notice the escalation and adjust to the best possible outcome

  • Watch out for the shoe

  • If you do engage, choose your words wisely

  • Gauge the receptivity of the other. Is it worth losing your peace

  • Use the tidal wave of emotions to nurture healing

  • Go within

Remember that you have the right to choose, but you do not have the right to the consequences of your actions.

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Pushya Energy

Favorable: Intelligent, spiritual, nourishes or helps others, independent and self-sufficient, interested in education and humanitarian activities, socially adept, make good counselors and public servants, make people feel wanted, want to learn all they can about life—makes them knowledgeable in many areas, earn a good living, respected, moderate in desire, passionate about what they believe in, will come strongly to the defense of something or someone they believe in

Unfavorable: Zealot, too talkative, interested in so many things that they don't become great in any one thing, overly sensitive or emotional, their devotion can turn to submission leaving them open to being a martyr or victim; get defrauded by believing in the wrong people.

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