7/28/2022 New Moon in Pushya/Cancer "Word to the Wise"

Updated: Nov 12

The New Moon on July 28, 2022, at 1:55 pm (EST) will be in the Moon Mansion of Pushya, “The Star of Nourishment ” and the zodiac sign of Cancer. Ruling Energies are: The Moon, Saturn, and Briahspati (Jupiter.)

Feel like telling someone off? Be aware that you are not the only one, which could promote an all-out war of words or more.

Our New Moon lands in the Moon Mansion of Pushya. Pushya is characterized as the "Star of Nourishment." It's motherly love, but this month it may not be the cuddles and comforting words and kissing your boo-boo making all things better kind of maternal love. This month, the shoe-throwing momma will boomerang a shoe with laser-pointed focus from across the room so fast you won't know what hit you. So be advised that the energy of this New Moon is filled with tensions at their breaking point.