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9/23/2023 Fall Equinox "Trust Fall"

Updated: Sep 22

All Calculations use the Vedic Sidereal /Lahiri ayanamsha.

Timings based on Eastern Standard Time

"Believe nothing you read, see, or hear unless it feels right

and rings true within your soul.”

Do you remember that team-building activity where you stand with your arms crossed over your chest and fall backward, trusting that someone will catch you?

I was never a fan of this exercise because it only took one time not to get caught. And every time afterward, I approached the activity with trepidation and fear of falling to the ground.

But we play this game every single day. Falling for one more add, one more hour of social media, one more drink, one more whatever. What will you fall for? And who or what are you waiting to catch your Fall?

It's easier for me to trust what I can't see, as opposed to what I can, which is why I make it a point to do team-building exercises with the Divine daily. Sometimes, I stumble on my own, but often, the Divine lets me fall for my own good.

This was the case earlier this year when the Divine whispered no more astrology, readings, or writings. Every bit of inspiration I had to do readings, writings, and posts disappeared overnight, dry as a desert gone!!!! And I wondered what the hell!!!!

It was hard to trust what I was hearing and to take that Fall. But I soon felt a sense of peace of not having a set schedule and deadline to sit at the computer and wait to be inspired. I used to feel overwhelmed with trying to make sense of everything and putting all the pieces together. It was an endless cycle of anxiety and doubt of "Am I good enough to transcribe the magnificent and complex energies of our Universe" and be of service to those reading it?

Being an astrologer is a high calling that I take very seriously. It requires discipline, devotion, and an immense amount of falling to the will of the Divine. And I am happy to say that the will of the Divine has whispered….. get back in there.

So here I am, falling to the will of the Divine at the perfect moment for the Fall Equinox.

The Sun in Virgo highlights separating the wheat from the chaff. In other words, use what's useful and toss the rest. The Sun is placed more specifically in the Moon Mansion of Uttara Phalguni. Uttara Phalguni makes up the back legs of a bed that is shared with Purva Phalguni, who makes up the front pair of legs. This bed is about rest, relaxation, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. It also represents marriage as represented by the Solar God Aryaman, who represents chivalry, honor, and nobility and is the keeper of rituals, traditions, and matrimonial alliances. That may be why Fall is a popular time for weddings.

September 15th, Mercury went direct. Perhaps something has arisen during your Mercury retrograde introspection, and now you are moving forward and your comfortable speaking your mind. With a trine aspect to Jupiter, there may be a new career or an expansion in communications.

However, heed caution as with this chart and any chart, the rising sign and its rulers hold the cards. There are two key factors that you have to choose wisely from.

The rising sign for the Fall Equinox is Cancer, ruled by the Moon. The Moon is not well placed, sitting at the Galactic Center, so there could be some disturbances from the past that you will need to overcome. The Moon moves pretty quickly, so give it the three-day Jesus rule, which is if it's still rising in your mind after three days, then you'll need to choose how to proceed. Roll away the stone or stay tangled in the tomb of your thoughts and emotions. The other factor is the Moon Mansion, which is Aslesha, known as the embracer or being embraced in a struggle between strength and weakness. Mercury is the ruler of Ashlesha, so now that Mercury is direct, you may wish to refer back to the Jesus' rule. Proceeding with caution allows you to make strengths out of your weaknesses.

While this could show up anywhere and everywhere, Venus is also in the Moon Mansion of Ashlesha. She has a square aspect to Uranus, the planet of sudden shifts, and Jupiter, the expander of all it touches, for good or bad, so the struggles will most likely occur with what you love and want. As a reminder, what you want to keep may not be what you get to keep. Trust Fall!!!

One last thing in your Trust Fall: Pluto still has the reigns of Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes of the past and future. Pluto has a trine aspect to the Sun, and the Sun is in opposition to Neptune and Saturn. The structure of an illusion is primed for a Fall.

And that’s just what you'll need to separate that wheat from the chaff and let the Divine catch your Fall.

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