• Janell Sachi Renshaw

Mars in Gandanta

Mars is approaching the Gandanta Zone, which translates as the karmic knot. This zone is always a battle between water and fire. Two elements that are not easily mixed. In the case of Mars, a fire sign, it is transitioning from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Mars rules Scorpio and, in this position, has been in a perpetual gandanta zone since it entered into watery Scorpio. The battle between how I feel and what I want is coming to a head as Mars makes its way through the Gandanta Zone.

The only way through is to be clear on whatever your intentions may be at this time. Be mindful of your actions, take your time and find ways to blow off steam in supportive ways Instead of being the one that pisses someone off.

The other side of the Gandanta Zone reignites the fire within, emerging as a warrior on a mission!!

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