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New Moon Solar Eclipse/Jysetha

Updated: Apr 18

The New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 2:43 am occurs in the Moon Mansion of Jysetha and the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Ruling energies are Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio), Pluto (modern co-ruler with Mars), Ketu, Mercury, and Indra, “The King of the Gods”

The new Lunar cycle begins with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Jysetha/Scorpio. My father repeatedly tells me of his father's favorite phrase. "Never mind why that's just the way it is." I cringe every time for two reasons. 1) I often find myself speaking in harmony with him when he gets to the phrase, and ultimately I begin to laugh because I have heard him say it a bajillion times. 2) It's not my belief to not ask "why. " My guru also has a similar quote, "struggle comes from not accepting things as they are," I feel an all-important point is missing from both of these quotes. And it is one that I will state like this. Curiosity did not kill the cat. It was transformed one life at a time to become the evolutionary animal that owns wherever they walk, that throws sour glances of disdain at your rules, and yes, they own you and every fleshy part of your body. We are curious creatures who want to know this, that, and everything. We were born to search. Accepting anything as is or anything that someone says without curiosity is complacency that kills the opportunity to evolve. Ketu, Sun, a debilitated Moon, and a combust Mercury are lined up in the most curious and intense sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio, for the New Moon Solar Eclipse. The Moon is debilitated, and actually agitated is a more accurate word. The agitation comes from swimming in the depths of the Scorpio realm. Intense, dark, passionate, secretive with a personal mantra of "death is not the end, but the beginning of transformation" The Moon rules the mind, and for the modern mind that is afraid of death, afraid of intimacy, and afraid of its own shadow, this New Moon could offer an opportunity to be curious or drive some deeper into delusions, distractions, and complacency. This intensity occurs in the third house for our New Moon Solar Eclipse. The third house represents willpower and courage. It deals with the ability to make things happen through pure, raw willpower, which comes from a burning drive and desire. Pluto co-rules Scorpio with Mars and Ketu, who is closely associated and exalted in Scorpio. The rulers of Scorpio flank both sides of the eclipse, with Ketu in the middle. The energy is intense, unclear, scattered, wild, and coming from the past like a hurricane off the coast of Africa. Adding to this intensity is a conjunction of Venus and Pluto. Imagine a holy angel on a stripper pole, smoking a cigarette—the good girl with bad habits, deep dark desires, and secrets. Venus also has an aspect from Neptune that has the ability to project illusions and make us feel like all our dreams have come true. Also, an aspect from Mars. Women, in particular, will want to live on the wild side this month, owning wherever they walk, throwing sour glances of disdain at your rules, and yes, they will own every part of you. Like his father, my father had a similar quote. While it was not necessarily a quote, it was a statement. Every time I asked him something, he would say, "go look it up," so off I would go to find the answers to my questions. I often think my father's response was a response to his own curiosities that he came up against when his father would quote, "never mind why that just the way it is" This month ask "why," never-minding what anyone else has to say, search until you find that which satisfies your burning desire, then you can accept things as they are. Until then, you will struggle and strain, like Daniel fighting the Lion, Arjuna arguing over his destiny with Krishna, and many others who had to know "why." Your "why" will allow you to muster the willpower and courage it takes to go after your curious desires. Lastly, the backdrop of this New Moon Solar Eclipse is Jysetha, "The Elder Star," which is associated with seniority and responsibility, the eldest, and symbols include a talisman, an earring, and the middle finger( middle finger is associated with destiny, not what you thought uh?) The ruling deity, Lord Indra, gives a shrewd and courageous nature to the task of being the responsible one, leading the way and never settling for what's being said or done, but on what is right. Are you the cat that gets killed for being curious or complacent? Either way, this month offers an opportunity for death and rebirth. How something dies determines how it will be reborn. Key Themes for this New Moon Solar Eclipse Cycle

  • Death and Rebirth

  • Walk on the Wild Side

  • Ask why?

  • Search for answers

  • If she wants it, she deserves it (In this case, forget asking why…trust me)

  • Be responsible

  • Foster willpower and courage

  • The energy is intense, unclear, scattered, wild

  • Be open and curious

Travel Safely Love & Wisdom Sachi

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