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Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there.


My intimate relationships were the deciding factor in returning to my first love of astrology and never turning back. A Mercury retrograde conjunction with Neptune was so strong in my chart that it resulted in unseen tensions, red flags and manipulations. I drifted in the fog, which I thought was love, unable to see it happening, let alone voice my needs. 


Once I acknowledged the patterns and cleared the debris, I became more confident in making shifts and changes to avoid repeating patterns and partners that a natal chart can help highlight. 

Are you aware of your repeating patterns that inhibit you, and your relationships? 

A relationship reading can reveal the energetic transfer and blockages that may occur between two potential partners. Knowing the tendencies of yourself and others allows for more insight into when difficulties may be too great to overcome, or if it’s just a planetary transit challenging the relationship.


Many people ask me about karma and relationships. Some even ask if it's in my chart, isn't that my karma? Absolutely, yes, it's your karma! However, karma is part of your life to heal, not repeat, hence why you're here on Earth. Relationships are one way to heal karma that has been carried over into this lifetime.

A relationship reading usually lasts for about an hour and half to two hours. 

All readings are conducted live via Zoom. 
A recording accompanies your reading. 

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Astrology Consultation

In addition to astrology and teaching is my love of performing marriage ceremonies. Being a part of the second-best day of a couple's life goes beyond words.


Contact me for individual & couple astrology readings

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