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Sacred Grounds

On a trip down the I-95 corridor, I stopped in South Carolina for a few days' rest which i usually blow right through on my home to Florida. I landed in Yemassee and felt called to check out the surrounding area for things to do. I opened my Road Trippers app and locked eyes with "The Old Sheldon Chruch." A hallowed ground with a shell of a church and gravestones of long-ago deceased. PERFECT!!!

I am fascinated with sacred sites, and this visit set in motion my new life's work on an ever-evolving path. Visiting every sacred site I can find and share them with you. 

Not every space will be an ancient ruin or dilapidated building. I feel called to certain spaces and what may have occurred there to generate the energy it emanates from the now-sacred ground.


Every sacred ground has a story to tell. It touches a part of your soul and creates a shift. A shift that comes from embracing every aspect of life, whether it brings up love, joy, anger, tragedy, sadness, grief, or ecstasy, it is all part of the human experience. 

This page is an ever evolving as I am in the beginning stages of this new adventure. Each project will be an interactive 360 virtual walking tour immersing you in the richness of its history and the palpable energy it has to offer.

I hope you enjoy the journey and if you know of a sacred ground to share, please connect with me.

The Old Sheldon Church

Yemassee, South Carolina



Orlando, Florida


Orlando, Florida

Unity Village Fountains

Unity Village, Missouri

Titusville, Florida

Bok Tower

Lake Wales, Florida

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